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ill communication

This site is run by David and Shane. But mostly David. That's just the way life is.
Sep 6 '13
Sep 6 '13


i was cleaning my room when i found a red pocket from a couple years ago


i opened it up to see how much money was inside


okay $10 and ¥100 and whoa is that $100??? dad you shouldn’t have


goddammit dad

Aug 6 '13

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Aug 6 '13


I didn’t believe it

until I saw it

and in that mometn i swear i was DONE WITH THIS FCUKING SITE

Aug 6 '13

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Aug 6 '13

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Jun 10 '13


last night on Game of Thrones

Jun 6 '13

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Feb 19 '13

The official Irvington/Mission Peace treaty.

Feb 11 '13

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